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    CNA Practice Exams

    Students wishing to take a CNA licensing exam should take a practice test online first. The practice tests are designed to emulate the type of questions used in a real test scenario. They can be state specific, and searching online will allow for your state to be chosen on most test sites.

    Online testing allows the student to take a similar test beforehand and familiarize themselves with the type of questions that will be used in their actual licensing exam. This allows the student to feel more comfortable taking the actual test. When the student is more comfortable, their score will be higher. The familiarity of the testing scenario as well as the materials will encourage the student and allow them to be less stressed about the actual test and instead focus on the materials covered in the test.

    Several online venues are available to anyone wishing to take a CNA Practice exam. The easiest way to find these tests is to simply type "CNA Practice Exam" into your online browser's search function and follow the links provided by your search engine. Using the Windows Live Search returned 120,000 results, many of which were free. Almost all of the links were state specific. Using the popular Google search engine, the search brought out fewer results (only 112,00) however they appeared to be more relevant to the topic. They also included more direct information in each link's info lines.

    More About CNA Practice Test

    A CNA Practice Exam consists of a test sheet, an answer key, an outline and an answer sheet to mark your selections on. The average time for the tests that were scanned appeared to be two hours. Most of the tests contained questions directly relating to the care of patients, and procedures that should be followed in scenarios. There did not appear to be many if any essay questions. All of the questions on several tests were multiple choice. Many of the questions were specific to behavior of the CNA in religious and moral situations as well as emergency situations. Other questions included knowledge of items such as which side to begin dressing a patient who has weakness in a particular limb etc. Many of the questions involved medical terminology such as the term used to describe an artificial limb. Interspersed in the medical terminology and case specific questions were questions about behavior, and how to respond to difficult situations in which the client may not be cooperative.

    An online CNA Practice Exam would be the best preparation available for anyone interested in taking the real exam.


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